The ExtremeCom 2012 conference starts on Saturday morning, March 10, 2012. We will meet very early at Zürich HB (main train station) for a short briefing and will then travel together by train to the conference venue near Grindelwald. There we will have five days with technical sessions (green power) and other activities (DTN/Sensor experiments, snowshoe hike, igloo building, sensor tesbed visit). The return journey will be on Wednesday, March 14 after the last technical session with our arrival in Zürich in the evening. The schedule below is a tentative program subject to change depending on weather conditions.

  • Saturday, 10/03/2012: The conference begins in the morning at the ETH Zurich. Travelling from Zurich to the conference venue, Berggasthaus Waldspitz (1903m), will take until after lunch. Upon arrival, the participants will be assigned their rooms. In the late afternoon, the first technical session of the conference will take place in the conference venue. We will rely on green energy (solar panels, wind turbines) as much as possible.
  • Sunday, 11/03/2012: The second technical session will be held on Sunday morning. After Lunch, the activities part of the conference starts with two different options for the participants to choose from. Participants who want to enjoy the mountain scenery will go sledging on a prepared track. This group will return to the hut and enjoy a nice dinner in the evening. The others will hike to a nearby location to build igloos and will have the option to eat there and sleep in them. Igloos will be equipped with sensors. A map of the area is available here.
  • Monday, 12/03/2012: Participants will have two options to choose from: a easy and a hard tour. Participants of the easy tour will set out to an easy snowshoe hike after breakfast. The hike will follow a prepared track up to the Faulhorn (2681m) and stopping on the way to Igloo village. The igloo group will have an outdoor breakfast and then either walk back to the hut, join the easy hike or go snow-shoe hiking for a hard tour off track in the area with mountain guides. We will perform DTN experiments during those hikes.
  • Tuesday, 13/03/2012: We will go down to Grindelwald and take the train up to the Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe - 3454m). Up on the mountain we will visit the Permasense testbed and then have lunch. In the afternoon, we will have the (probably) highest altitude technical session of a conference on Jungfraujoch.
  • Wednesday, 14/03/2012: We will have the last technical session in the morning at the conference venue. The conference concludes in the afternoon and we will return to Zurich for those attending ACM MobiOpp'12 the next morning.
(March 10)
(March 11)
(March 12)
(March 13)
(March 14)
Travelling to Waldspitz
Technical Session II
Snowshoe hike off track
Snowshoe hike on track
Travel to Jungfraujoch
Technical Session III
Technical Session I
Igloo building
Snowshoe hike off track
Snowshoe hike on track
Keynote talk/ Visit Jungfraujoch / Sensor Testbed
Travelling back to Zürich

Local arrangements

Important information regarding the local arrangements of the ExtremeCom conference are listed hereafter (more updates will come later). Please make sure you read this carefully before registering and once again before leaving for the conference.

Visa: For Visum to Switzerland, please refer to the procedure described for MobiOpp'12 here and send the identification template to Franck Legendre.

Food: All food during the workshop will be included in the registration. You will enjoy Swiss specialities such as Rosti, Spatzli, Hornli, Bratwurst and more in the warm atmosphere of Swiss huts.

Hiking gear: We will rent snowshoes, leggings, walking sticks and warm sleeping bags for those missing these equipments. Bring only warm clothes and especially boots as listed below.

Packing list: For an enjoyable experience, it is important that participants bring suitable equipment for the trekking and the environment. We suggest the following packing list, with important items to bring.
  • Clothing
    During the trekking in mountains, it is recommended to wear multiple layers as when going for skiing. Note, however, that you will make more efforts as we will be climbing and thus no need to wear more than usual. Consider warm underwears such as sleeved shirts and leggings both of durable fabric (e.g., Icebreaker). You can use your usual trekking shoes and we will provide gaiters to prevent snow from entering your shoes. Eventually, do not forget your gloves, a scarf, a bonnet and especially your sunglasses (or ski goggles)!
  • Medication
    Please remember to carry any personal medication you are prescribed. Besides, you may carry pills for headache, nausea/motion/altitude sickness. Note that medications are also available locally. We will be carrying first aid kits and doctors will be available during the whole conference in Grindelwald (see EMERGENCY NOTE).
  • Hiking gear
    • Torchlight/flashlight
    • Extra batteries
    • Blister patches (e.g., Compeed)
    • Clothing: warm jacket (windstopper) with hood, warm trousers, gloves, scarf, bonnet
    • Trekking shoes (regular ankle hiking shoes)
    • Warm socks x2
    • Sunglasses or ski googles
    • High index solar cream and lipstick
    • Good backpack
    • Snow shoes*
    • Poles/Sticks*
    • Gaiters* (optional to cover feet/ankle and avoid snow entering your shoes)
  • Additional Trek necessities for Igloos builders/sleepers
    • Additional pair of gloves (since the other pair will be wet because of igloo building)
    • Warm sleeping bag* (temperature is around 0 degree Celsius in the igloos)
    • Insulation pad/matress* (inflatable ones are recommended, e.g. Termarest)
  • Sleeping gear
    • Slippers (the hut does not have slippers for everybody)
    • Sleeping bag or (silk) sleeping bag liner is enough (NB: may be rented at the hut but bring your own if you have one. Additional blankets will be available)
    • Ear plugs ;-)
  • Water
    The trek organizers will provide one bottled water per day per person during the hike. During the technical sessions, bottled drinking water as will as warm drinks will be available.
  • All equipments indicated with * can be rented by conference organizers (included in the registration fees). You will be asked during the registration process whether you need us to rent these equipmenents for you or if you already have your own.

Accomodation: We will sleep in a mountain hut. A sleeping bag is mandatory in the hut but one can be rented there if need be. We however recommend that you bring your own one. We will also offer the possibility to sleep one night in self-made igloos (we will need 4 to 6 hours for building them depending on the weather conditions). A warm sleeping bag is recommended (the registration fees already include the rental costs). Participants must arrive on Friday evening in Zurich in order to leave early on Saturday morning. Please see the list of accomodations available on the ACM MobiOpp'12 website.

Safety: Certified mountain guides will supervise participants of the hard tour. Rega will assist us in case of emergency.

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